Football. The Beautiful Game. Beloved by millions across the UK and beyond. And something on which everybody has an opinion on.

This site is dedicated to all aspects of football opinions, comments, and commentary. We examine the art of football commentary, and football journalism, as well as address the new social media phenomena’s which have both revolutionised the traditional methods, as well as giving a voice to the ordinary fans.

So who are exactly are we looking at?


A commentator is the person who speaks over a TV broadcast of a football game, or who provides the words in a radio broadcast. They tell you what is happening on the pitch, painting a picture of the action, as well as dropping in information and facts to enlighten the audience and enrich the experience of watching or listen to the game. (Well that’s the theory anyway!)

There is also a sub-category of co-commentators, whose job is to drop little snippets of analysis and expertise into the main commentary. (Again, in theory…!)

Comment Writers (or the Commentariat):

In the print media, where the actual publication of news is rapidly being superseded by social media, comment is increasingly the king. And nowhere is this truer than in the world of football journalism. Correspondents, junior reports, ex-players, ex-managers, even ex-referees, are writing opinion pieces and blogs for national newspapers and websites.

This deluge of opinion, whilst a joy for some obsessives, can be overwhelming to the average who just wants to understand a bit more about what’s going on, but in an era where information is ubiquitous, quantity over quality is increasingly such publications are being forced to take.

The Twitterati:

Then we come to the newest brand of opinion-former, the social media users. These days that accounts for pretty much all of us, and all platforms, but particularly Twitter will see a huge groundswell of comments and postings when there is a big, or even not so big game on.

These days a fan can communicate directly with his favourite players, coaches, club media team, community engagement programmes, other fans groups, photographers, sports journalists, and pretty much anyone else associated with their club. But more importantly they can also post their own opinions, and criticisms, and target these directly at those in the club, or to the wider world.

Twitter is the new go-to place for news, gossip, scores, and increasingly commentary and informed opinion as well. It offers instant gratification, and pretty much anyone of note can be found there.

This site looks in detail at all three aspects of football commentary and comment in the twenty-first century.

We examine how the Age of Information has impacted on the art of football commentary, and look at whether the broadcasters are keeping up.

We also look at how Twitter is reshaping the world of football opinion writing, and casting an increasingly dark shadow over broadcasters as well.

There are plenty of sites which highlight the top 10 football commentators, but we don’t think this is what makes people tick. Much more fun can be had debating which are the worst… and in the current pack there are plenty to choose from. We have picked our top ten. Take a look and see if you agree with us.

Also the advent of the interest has opened up a platform for anyone and everyone to set up independent websites offering comment and opinion on all aspects of football. This had led t plenty of poor sites popping up, but also some real gems, that football fans won’t want to miss, and that the big newspapers and broadcasters drool over enviously. We give you our pick of the independent football comment websites that you won’t want to miss.

The world of football commentary is always throwing up new controversies and points for discussion, so there will be plenty more to come.

As long as you are bemoaning Match of the Day down the pub on Sunday lunchtime, we will be here to highlight where they are going wrong, and how it can be put right!